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EcoFresh Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning Perth

      Smooth surfaces can become scratched and dulled over time and become safe havens for dirt, oil and bacteria. This dirt accumulates in a short time to a point when mopping does not clean the surface as it should. When the wax is applied to this surface, the worn look is sealed off further appearing ugly.

      Ceramic tiles have more texture than the smooth ones so they make mopping them clean even more difficult. Moreover, the grout between the tiles has even more surface to trap dirt residue left by mopping.

Grout Cleaning Perth

    Grout absorbs moisture, oils and sugars that attract bacteria, dirt and other solids that cause it to darken in appearance over time. Even porous surfaces like brick, Italian quarry- tile, limestone and other engineered flooring act like grout and absorb all the liquids, oils and dirt and turning dark.

    Some chemicals can dilute the grime, but if they are not properly removed, the formed slurry can get deeper into the grout. Even the rotary scrubbers cannot scrub dirt off fine texture lines.

      Not only do dirty tiles and grout look unpleasant but are also unhygienic and attracting bacteria. Moreover, the final mop of the day adds even more moisture and dirt to the grout.

    Previously this was dealt by intense scrubbing with nail brushes and detergents or retiling the surface. This process is expensive, and in the case of restaurant business mean lost sales.

Tile Cleaning Perth
The Solution

    The process starts off with applying a suitable cleaning product to loosen put bacteria and grime. Then pressurised water is aimed to move out unwanted dirt, bacteria and chemical residues that have been hiding in tiny pockets within the tile and grout for long. The last step involves using suction to removes the dirty water, leaving the tile and grout clean.

      Post Cleaning

There are two options that you can choose from:

            Clean only
            Clean and seal

How does sealing help the grout?

      Since grout lines are below the surface of the tile, the soil and water easily collect in these ‘sinks’. When you mop the tile, although it does improve the surface of the tile, it soils the grout lines.

      The mopping over time results in water becoming more soiled. The dirty water seeps into the grout lines and is absorbed.

      The grout sealer, therefore, prevents the grout from absorbing the soiled water. The soil will then be deposited over the grout and can be wiped off easily by a mop. You no longer will have permanent stains because sealing the grout will guard the surface against soil and stains.

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