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Scotchgard Stain Protector

With the Scotchgard stain protector, you no longer have to be worried about carpet stains that are resistant enough to annoy you. This revolutionary stain protector surrounds each fiber in the carpet with an invisible shield (skin) that hinders dirt and spills from being stuck to the carpet. When they are not embedded, the dirt and spillages hold on to the surface of the carpet loosely and can then be easily vacuumed off.

Thus, Scotchgard stain protector is very important to maintain the pristine finish of your cleaned carpet and upholstery and increases their life span. Here at Eco Fresh Cleaning, our cleaning specialists have the appropriate skills and are fully trained in the preparation and application of Scotchgard.

What Scotchgard does?

Protects against not only water based stains, but oil as well.
Helps carpet fibers resist soiling.
Helps spills blot up before they become stains.
Helps in easy stain removal when vacuuming.
Helps carpet and upholstery stay cleaner for longer.
Improves vacuuming
With the Scotchgard protector, carpets can be easily vacuumed in no time. You no longer have to keep vacuuming the same spot a dozen times because dirt and stain ‘crumbs’ can be easily sucked up.

Easy spill cleanups

Our Scotchgard protector doesn’t let spills become resistant stains that won’t come off your carpets. Scotchgard protector has a unique feature of repelling liquids which cause spills to blot up quickly and easily.

Professional Scotchgard application

It is advisable to apply Scotchgard protector after you have vacuumed your carpets. Our specialists can come over and apply Scotchgard protector on you carpet and upholstery. They will also advise you on proper vacuuming so that a bright, fresh and clean look can be maintained for a long time.

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