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EcoFresh Cleaning

Persian Rug Cleaning Perth

We know that oriental rugs and area rugs add beauty to your living spaces and let you define your style with its beauty and originality.

No doubt their value increases over time, and they become priceless possessions that need to be taken care of by professionals. At Eco Fresh Cleaning, you can entrust us with taking care of cleaning your valuable articles.

These rugs gather dust and dirt over the years and therefore provide breeding grounds for bacteria and dust mites. It eventually results in posing health hazards that can be reduced by regular cleaning of your rugs.

EcoFresh Cleaning relies on state-of-the-art rug cleaning machines and equipment that suck the dirt, dust and bacteria out of the carpets from deep within. Our specialist staff is trained in appropriate cleaning technologies to handle your precious investment with care.

Persian Rug Cleaning Perth

We can handle all types of rugs made from various materials because we know how to care for it and we return it to you in spotless condition. Our trained staff first identifies the fibres and dyestuff of the rug to figure out the best cleaning method to use to ensure safe and efficient cleaning.

At Eco Fresh Cleaning we recommend a special Sanitiser for your precious rugs which keeps the germs, dust mites and bacteria at a distance from your rugs leaving them with a pleasant and fresh smell. The application of Scotchgard further protects your rugs from the stubborn stains that become permanent.

At Eco Fresh cleaning we highly recommend you to vacuum your rugs regularly and get them professionally cleaned every 6 - 12 months. The soil particle removal is also efficient as the sharp edges of dust particles have a very abrasive effect on the carpet fibres.

Ecofresh Cleaning, the best in Persian Rug Cleaning in Perth